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Bike Fitting

Basic Bike Fit

Regardless of what type of cycling you enjoy, you'll benefit from a bike that has been properly adjusted to fit your body and your riding style.  We pride ourselves on never selling a bike that is the wrong size for a person.  We make sure that everyone gets a basic fit to make sure they're comfortable, safe and properly setup on whatever type of bike they buy.

A good basic bike fit makes sure that your seat is neither too high or too low.  In addition we look to make sure that your arms are not stretched or cramped when resting on the handlebars.  We can make adjustments as needed, including swapping out stems or changing seats.  Everybody is different.  We want to make sure you get fit properly so that you enjoy your ride.

Advanced Bike Fit

More performance oriented cyclist may want a more comprehensive bike fit.  We offer this as an option as well.  We set you up on a trainer to more closely measure and analyze your riding position.  We look carefully at cleat position, saddle position, and weight balance on your hands.  We take into account your degree of flexibility, riding style and goals to arrive at a custom position that will enable you to be more efficient and comfortable on the bike - both of which translate into a more powerful riding position.

We charge a $75 fitting fee for this service and plan on it taking about an hour.  Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.